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Ruth's Home Run Bar
1982 Milwaukee Brewer Bar

Here are two versions of this vintage wrapper. The first one was thoughtfully sent to me by Kristopher Kantor, who found it inside a bedroom wall during some remodeling and thought I could use it, considering how decrepit my wrapper is. I would take mine off the page, but it's actually slightly different than the other one, so I'll keep them both up for posterity's sake.

I suppose the debate will always rage as to whether the Baby Ruth bar was named after the Babe... there are many explanations about the origin of the name... but this candy is definitely the Bambino's very own. Notice that he signed it THREE TIMES for authenticity, and that we are cautioned in regard to other candy bars that "Absolutely none [are] genuine without the photograph and official signature of 'Babe Ruth' himself." Obviously somebody in Babe Ruth's camp had a bee in their bonnet about other candy makers looking to capitalize on his fame.