Mr. T
Michael Jackson
San Diego Chicken
Muhammad Ali
Where's the Beef?
R. Crumb
Jack LaLanne
Bionic Man
Mario Andretti
Reggie Bar
Pete Rose
Mike Mussina
The Melo Bar
Dick Tracy Candy Bar
Ruth's Home Run Bar
1982 Milwaukee Brewer Bar

This wrapper is a work of art created by R. Crumb that was sold in theaters when the "Crumb" documentary made its run. As I recall, the candy was pretty good, and how can you beat this wrapper? I wish more artists did work like this, creating art as a product accessible to the masses in venues where one wouldn't ordinarily expect to find it.

As it turns out, I recently found this tin of Devil Girl Hot Kisses. It has a 1997 copyright, suggesting that it was probably first distributed in theaters as the Choco-Bar was. It's a particularly spiffy little tin, with the words, "Have Yourself a Sweet 'N' Hot Little Suck!" on the side. It was filled with those tiny cinnamon hearts you get for Valentine's Day. I seem to have an allergy to cinammon candy, but I couldn't resist eating a few. They're burning a hole in my stomach as I write.