Mr. T
Michael Jackson
San Diego Chicken
Muhammad Ali
Where's the Beef?
R. Crumb
Jack LaLanne
Bionic Man
Mario Andretti
Reggie Bar
Pete Rose
Mike Mussina
The Melo Bar
Dick Tracy Candy Bar
Ruth's Home Run Bar
1982 Milwaukee Brewer Bar

This addition to the Celebrity gallery comes on the heels of Michael's untimely death. The public has, of course, a wide spectrum of feelings and opinions about him, which makes it difficult to write something here that would reach out to all people regarding The Gloved One. Perhaps the only statement that means anything is that he now rests in peace between Mr. T and Rambo here at the CWM. Make of this what you will.

The candy bar came in a black wrapper for semi sweet chocolate (shown above), a blue wrapper for milk chocolate and a green wrapper for milk chocolate with hazelnuts. I never had a chance to eat the candy, but I suspect it was good. Swiss chocolate, especially from the late 80s/early 90s, tended to be high-quality. This is more than what one would get in, say, a typical Reggie Bar... so, you have to give Michael credit for this. He cared enough about the fans to give them real chocolate!