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Dick Tracy Candy Bar
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1982 Milwaukee Brewer Bar

Dick Tracy's a smart guy. He knows what we want -- Big Pieces of Delicious Candy! No wimpy SMALL pieces of delicious candy will do. Judging by the ingredients, it looks like it was just a collection of sugary masses, but I'm willing to go on faith that it was indeed delicious. I think the main selling point had to be the accompanying mail-in goodie, a Dick Tracy Personalized I-D Bracelet. Sounds really neat, doesn't it? I want one now! When I was a kid, all I got to wear was a boring I.D. bracelet with medical issues imprinted on it. It would have been so much better to have a cool Dick Tracy bracelet. After all, the main reason for wearing those bracelets back in the 50s and 60s was to help the clean-up crews identify your strewn and charred body parts on the school playground after the inevitable nuclear attack, so why couldn't we at least go out in style?