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This is a nice modern wrapper with a vintage look. I applaud its style, but I am also saddened by the inclusion of yet another cumbersome way of breaking down a food's nutritional content. I gather this is European, so maybe I don't need to fret, but fret I must....

First, on the front, we have this icon about getting to know one's GDAs (Guideline Daily Amount... wtf?). This graphic bug is so tiny that I couldn't even read it with glasses, and yet it provides information about an adult's GDA. The only person who could possibly read this is a child.

Then, on the back, we find a colorful chart about the GDA breakdown for each and every egg. Are people really eating this based upon an egg-by-egg breakdown of one's GDAs? All I wanted to do was scarf some chocolate. Suddenly this has turned into a science project. It's almost like a whole webpage on a bag. Please stop! I know these are empty calories. Please just let me enjoy them!