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Thought I'd include this recent acquisition (2009), but as I grind to the close of this gallery, I kind of wonder why.

Think hard, Darlene... yes! It was because: 1.) Necco made jelly beans... unusual! 2.) They're not just any jelly beans, they're tiny jelly beans... cute! Or perhaps emblematic of the recession-depression?, and 3.) the tiny jelly beans are weirdly dark and spooky.

To give Necco some credit, when I actually removed the jelly beans about a year later, they looked a lot better out of the box than in. I didn't dare taste them, although it probably would have been fine. Ultimately, it's a nice little box and probably tomorrow's collector's item today. (Stoned youth ten years from now: "Hey, does any remember TINY jelly beans? What a trip!")