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Candy Cool
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Here we have Yasmin, I believe. (Nickname: Pretty Princess.) It's hard to tell the Bratz apart because they all basically have the same face and figure.. only their eye and hair colors are different. But according to Wikipedia, Yasmin's eye and hair color have been known to change quite a bit too. Confusion reigns!

According to the Bratz' official website, sometimes Yasmin can be a little quiet, but even without opening her mouth you can sense she's special. Yasmin's fave class is Creative Writing... it makes sense... she need to have a way to explain how her eye color can changes. (Yeah, yeah... colored contacts, of course!)

Although the Bratz Heart-Breakin' Marshmallows were a bit of a disappointment, check out the molded chocolate for Candy Cool. It's my fave molded Bratz chocolate!