Heart Breakin' Marshmallows
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I have to admit, I'm fascinated by the unapolgetic trashiness of the Bratz. I've been busy collecting any interesting candy of theirs that I find. I can't say that I 'm completely knowledgeable about all the characters and their traits.. there are so many... but I did take an online Bratz personality test and learned that I'm most like Chloe. Her nicknme is "Angel". Her fave movies are big epics, fave music is the hottest new artists on the cutting edge, and her lucky number is six. Wowwwww... that's me!

I believe Vinessa is pictured here. Despite having a mother who couldn't spell, she loves poetry, and she's a super-softy who loves cotton candy and hangin' out with a big group of friends.

I wonder what she thought of these marshmallows? Maybe the heart breakin' part is the way they look!