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Here it is, the candy box that started it all. When I first got the idea to create the CWM, I wanted to pick something really special, something truly museum-worthy. I picked Nice Mice because it was a good candy, it came in a box with a kicky, pop art design, and I was pretty certain it wouldn't be around forever. Turns out I was right.

It was a few years later when I realized there was also a value to collecting standard, mainstream, candy wrappers that I knew would probably always be around... Snickers, Hershey, etc. Even though those wrappers weren't rare finds, people like to see how they've changed over time. For that reason, many of my earliest, earliest wrappers are quirky and rare, like Nice Mice made by the Howard B. Stark Company.

I'm particularly glad that I collected this one because it led me to finding the greatest guy in the world (see the Roots section for more details!).