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hollywood big pay candy bar box

One day I received an e-mail from Rae Rostorfer. She had come across this box in a flea market, antique store, or some such place, and she was wondering if I'd like to buy it. The problem was... she had only provided a text description of it, I was pretty strapped for cash at the time, and she hadn't named a price, so I wasn't sure if this was something I should pursue. I wanted to at least see it, but she didn't have access to a scanner, so she told me she'd just mail it to me and I could decide if I wanted it and decide what to pay her. Whatever I thought was fair would be fine.

How many people in this world do you meet like that? She's just a marvelous person. I'veher before... but thanks again, Rae! And at last I've managed to post it.