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Here's another fine example of the piss-poor art that often appears on these advent calendars. Here, it looks like Santa had whiplash or similar... it's a little hard to see what went wrong with the neck, but something is awry.. Here, he's seen just hangin' with the kiddies... wasn't aware that this was part of the whole Santa scene... and for some reason, they're all decorating a tree in the woods, secluded away from townspeople and parents. Again, not sure what it's all about. Maybe there's no reason to read too much into it. After all, it's just candy.

Click here to see the back, where once again they have sacrificed the play value of the puzzle in order to let us know how many carbohydrates are in this candy.

And while you're at it, if you're not in any rush to get to any holiday party, click here to see a sample of the wiggy, slightly psychedelic art that hides behind the little doors! Trust me, it wasn't worth scanning and posting all of it.