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Sometimes you find something new to really get excited about and you just have to get it posted online. And here it is... bad clichés, sad social trends... the only thing missing here is bad candy. The kisses, as always, are
fine enough to eat. But the packaging...!

The "You Go!™ (fill in the blank) Girl!™" Valentine series is a fun blend of pathos and weirdness. They don't seem to be for guys to give to gals... they're too chummy. They don't seem to be for kids.. the "girls" on the boxes look like grown women. Teenage girls might give them to each other.... it's possible.. but these look to me like Valentines for the sisterhood of disgruntled grown-up single women. And if being single and disgruntled wasn't bad enough, Hershey's has trademarked their entire existence. Check 'em out!

You Go!™ Funny Girl™
You Go!™ All-American Girl
You Go!™ Sporty Girl™
You Go!™ Fashion Girl™
You Go!™ Social Girl™
You Go!™ Drama Girl™