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This is a vintage piece of petrified, moldy gum from a pack of Wacky Packages, the 12th series, from 1975. It was found in an unopened pack by avid collector and general nut, Joe Lacey. We thought it would be fun to not only show the wrapper, but to show some of the candy-themed Wacky Packages from that series. This was a particularly fun series, although there are also some other classic candy-themed WPs from series 1-16.

Says Joe, "It was always fun getting trading cards back then because you got that tasteless, powdery stick of gum in the pack. You would open up the pack and the smell of it would instantly intoxicate you and entice you to buy more and more and more..." Adds Joe, "This gum would often leave a filmy residue on select cards. Die-hard collectors now try to avoid gum stained cards, but that was all just part of the Wacky Packages experience.