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I feel really bad and guilty about this Chocolate Voodoo Doll. (Could it be a curse?) A museum guest had very, very kindly sent it to me back maybe five or six years ago. It's taken me this long to post it, and I've looked and I've looked, but now I can't find her name in my email archive. (I've burned through several computers during this period.)

Anyway, she had heroically salvaged this from Pic 'N Save or Big Lots. It was the only one left, and it was torn open. She begged them to find another one in the back, but this was all they had. So she wanted to buy this one, but they wouldn't sell it to her because it was against the law to sell opened food. She explained to them that she didn't want to eat it... she just wanted to donate it to the Candy Wrapper Museum! So they finally sold it to her. I think they threw out the candy in order to do it.

So... a big, big thanks to you, wherever you are! If you see this page, write back, and I'll give you a personal thank you on this page!