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Joe Lacey is one of those creative, thoughtful museum guests who has made some awesome donations to the museum. (C'mon all you slackers! I know you've got cool stuff out there... where is it?!) Here's another one of his donations, the classic Smoothie bar. To quote Joe: "This has to be one of my all time favorite candies, right up there with the Zero bar. I can't understand how it has been overlooked by almost everyone. Despite the chunks of peanuts it goes by the name Smoothie. This always confused me. But the butterscotch coating is the best! Used to get two coins per pack, now only one. Also used to get free candy, now it's a rebate of a lousy dollar."

Curator's note: Cryptic names add to the appeal of any good candy. The unanswerable conundrum of why a chunky candy is named "Smoothie" keeps the candy eater engaged and returning to the scene of the culinary crime, trying on some subconscious level to reconcile this issue. It's much like how the Zero bar appealed to me when I was a kid... why was it named Zero? Why, why, WHY?! Well, now as the curator, I know the answer... but it's still an all-time favorite of mine.