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Oh, the conceptual dilemma... do these belong in the "Vices" gallery or in "Don't Eat!"? Guess it just depends on which block in the sexual neighborhood you're hangin'. You've got at least three fetishes rolled into one with this ingenious product, reaching out to that irrepressible adult baby/furry fan/steaming defecation-lover with a sweet tooth who lives next door. When you consider this market profile, the wrapper obviously belongs in "Vices." However, if you think about presenting this to some dried-up spinster who sucks on lemon drops and despises everything FUN, then I suppose this properly belongs in "Don't Eat!". But I'm not going to take the time to post it twice.

The story behind this, you ask? Sorry, there are simply more questions than answers. Joe Lacey, who sent this to me, explains that this wrapper (and Store Babser) were given to him by a female friend of Norwegian heritage. She had brought them back from a trip to Norway. They were manufactured in Denmark (Produced by Bon-Bon A/s-4284 Holme-Olstrup Denmark), and this particular candy was shaped like little poops. To quote Joe: "Pretty cool stuff."