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Y'know, whenever I think "delicious candy," the two words that come to mind are "prairie schooner." Ah... the sweet aroma of the freshly-killed buffalo on the plain, the intimate mingling of body odors of the sickly pioneers huddled together as they fight for survival in the 100 degree heat... it just makes the taste buds tingle.

...But wait! Maybe I've got it all wrong. Kathi Lucas writes to me and says, "I often bought this candy as a teenager living in Ogden, Utah in 1958-59, although the package looked different. It was still packaged in an envelope type thing, but the artwork was different.

As I recall, the candy was a delicious maple flavored cream center with either pecans or walnuts, then covered in chocolate--very good. I think it was made in Salt Lake City. I have looked for it again, but have never seen it outside of Utah.

So there were no hints of the prairie or buffalo droppings in this candy--just a satisfying piece of candy that was not too sweet!"

Curator's P.S.: Boy, now that I hear it described this way, I wanna eat one! Sounds good!