Big Plastic Santa
The Santa Twins
Pathetic Santa
Marshmallow Tree
Christmas Kit Kat
Holly Berries
Cadbury Balls
Snickers Nutcracker
Russell Stover Santas
Milky Way Santa
Nestle Crunch Santa
Santa Claus The Movie
Advent Calendars
Mozart Sleigh
Heidel Tin
Schmidt Boxes
Oh Dears
Oh Deer!
3 Musketeers
Holiday PEZ
Joyous Holidays
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Aw, man! This Christmas gallery is turning out to be a bummer! Why does Santa look so horrible? What happened... did he fall on his face? Drink too much Pepto Bismol? Is Santa half full or half empty? And will he ever lower his arms to his sides? All we are left with are questions. Even his rosy cheeks and hat have faded, and his body is faded and grimy from soot.

I think we'd better move on....