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Hoo-dogies! Gather 'round the campfire and take a look at this great vintage Halloween time capsule!

Pangburn's is now owned by Russell Stover, and they only sell their Millionaires these days, but back in their day, Pangburn's sold all kinds of chocolates, and they did it in style.

Pangburn's even used the work of famous pin-up artist, Gil Elvgren, on many of their boxes and promotions. The Texan belle seen in the streamer above is one of his creations. It was standard practice back then for illustrators to create generic artwork for billboards and advertisements that could be adapted for various products. In this ad campaign, somebody added the hat and mask.

This banner is part of a promotional pack that was sent out to drug stores to encourage the proprietors to put up store displays. Click here to see a larger version of this streamer they included, which measures almost three feet long.

This promotional pack also came with ideas and instructions on how to make a display, as well as decorative gift bands to put on the boxes to give them a Halloween touch. Check out the links in this gallery to see all the sharp-looking items that were included.