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Necco is another member of the "All Time Great Candy Names" Hall of Fame. It was well worth the price of the candy just to be able to say, "Mom! I wanna Necco!", "Gimme that Necco!" or "Hey, who stole my Necco!" I liked the way they tasted too -- a good variety of flavors -- although as an adult I simply can't justify buying them anymore.

Museum guest, Bruce Miller, has just informed me that I had a bit of misinformation posted earlier on this page. I had been told by well-meaning museum guest, Derf, that NECCO stood for "The New England Candy COmpany", but actually it stands for "The New England Confectionery COmpany." Bruce adds: "I used to live next to the Cambridge factory. Every morning I would awake to a different flavored neighborhood." Esteemed museum patron Joe Lacey had made a similar comment about living near the Hershey plant in Pennsylvania, but the smell would always be chocolate. I guess either scenario could be a curse or a blessing, depending on your personality, but both of them sound good to me!