Mr. T
Michael Jackson
San Diego Chicken
Muhammad Ali
Where's the Beef?
R. Crumb
Jack LaLanne
Bionic Man
Mario Andretti
Reggie Bar
Pete Rose
Mike Mussina
The Melo Bar
Dick Tracy Candy Bar
Ruth's Home Run Bar
1982 Milwaukee Brewer Bar

I doubt if you can read the fine print, but the deal was to send $1.95 plus one of these wrappers to get a genu-wine gold-colored 18" chain. However, I wasn't about to let go of this wrapper -- nor was I willing to buy two giant slabs of lousy gum!

And yes, that's the gum, still in its wrapper. It's perforated in a zig-zagging pattern so that you can wear the gum as a necklace.

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