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...And for those of you who are allergic to nuts or just can't stand 'em, Annabelle's brought you the Marshmallow Bar. You may wonder: why 17% larger? Why not 15% or 20%? Can't answer that question, but maybe it was how much more fluff they could add for the same price as the missing nuts.

Now before you move on to another scintillating exhibit, such as the Full of Almonds Bar, I must share with you a great story I received from Tracey and John from eastern Long Island, two charming museum guests and collectible fans. Check out Tracey's story:

I have to tell you that your terrific website ended years of frustration for my husband. He has been telling me for many years that as a child he had a wonderful favorite chocolate bar called Annabelle's Marshmallow Bar in a shiny red wrapper. Thanks to the information superhighway, I was able to contact Annabelle's candy company a few years ago and they suggested the Rocky Road bar was what he remembered and denied the company ever made such a bar! He insisted he was right. We ordered the Rocky Road bars which we enjoy but he has continued to lament about the Marshmallow Bar. I have teased him that he dreamed it up. The other day, he mentioned it again so I decided to do a search to see if it appeared on anyone else's website and we found yours! I had the picture of the wrapper on the screen and he was literally jumping up and down that someone finally proved him right.

Curator's note: The moral of this story -- hang onto that old trash! You never know when it just might make someone's day.