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Low Carb, Sugar Free, Fat Free Gummy Bears

As some of you may have noticed, the health and fitness craze of the 70s and 80s is done. No more clearly was this point demonstrated to me as when I recently went to the mall to buy a sports bra. I could only find a handful of expensive ones at Lady Foot Locker, but the mall was overflowing with every variation on the push-up bra known to man. However, this is not to say that although people have abandoned exercise, it doesn't mean they've given up on dieting. The only difference is that now the diet centers around eating all the foods that at least make me fat. Puzzling, but it does seem to work for people.
Anyway, this recent addition to the museum captures the essence of this trend as well as diet trends of the past. We have fat free, sugar free, natural flavors, low carb gummy bears. Think thin! Well, that's all good enough, but for whatever reason, I got the most horrible gas I think I've ever experienced after eating them. I think in the future I'll just stick to "thinking fat!"