Jiminy Cricket
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This is my special Jiminy Cricket Pez from "The Maynard Ferguson Family Collection". My good friend, Wilder Jacob, donated it after Maynard passed away and the family was closing up the estate.

To quote Wilder, "It wasn't my dad's, but I do remember that when he wanted a Pez he had to use both hands to make it work. He would hold it in one hand and use the other to pull the head back and then ask someone to take out the candy. He had thick fingers. It was my brother Bentley's or mine but Pez machines were always more like community candy and left on the living room table. My favorite thing was to refill it. Bentley would eat all the candy and then wait for me to fill it again."

Wilder didn't think this was much of a story, but I enjoyed it! I only wish that a communal Pez experience was part of my happy family memories, or that my folks were as amazing and cool as Maynard and his wife, Flo. Thank you, Wilder, for a great donation. I appreciate it!