Return to Classics

Duds indeed. For every candy-collecting triumph, there is failure and loss. Sure, I've got a pretty decent old Milk Duds box. And yes-- look! I even have an ultra-rare Grape Duds box! But I left behind a great box of Cherry Duds and, uh, some other kind of ultra-rare Duds because I was too damn cheap.

This was back in the early 80s. I was drunkenly returning from Temecula on a field trip for my college wine-tasting class. (Yeah, I was one of those kind of students!) I stopped at a mini-mart in Corona and found all these weird Duds. But I only bought the Grape Duds because I was in a stingy mood and foolishly thought that if I found them here, I'd find them in other stores. Little did I know that Corona was simply a guinea pig for a doomed Duds experiment....