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Computer geeks, at long last comes a candy that speaks your language! Let's face it, who wants to say, "See ya" when they can "TTYL", or say "luv you" when "ILU" will do? Interestingly, the messages on CyberSpeak don't venture into the world of Internet slang (something that would actually be a good idea) and instead focus on computer terminology like "Net Surf" and "CD Rom". The thinking appeared to be that simply including computer terminology was enough to tickle the techies pink. Well, I for one bought it! I also like the way they felt obliged to correct the bad grammar in the famous/infamous "You've Got Mail" to "You Have Mail". It was probably a copyright issue, but I still find the correction endearing, as if some school marm at NECCO wanted to set those darn kids straight once and for all.

FWIW, I have more technology-based wrappers that I have collected over the decades that will be appearing in the upcoming "Geeks" gallery at the CWM that hopefully will leave you ROFL. So come back now and then and sit a spell... don't log out, y'all!